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Related post: Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 07:09:52 -0800 naked child virgins (PST) From: Subject: RICK'S FRIENDSHIP CHAP 7RICK'S FRIENDSHIP BY: OMEGASTAR ******************************************************************************* THIS IS A STORY ABOUT MINOR'S OF THE SAME SEX(MALE), THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER AND IF THEY DO AND IT'S NOT TO YOUR LIKING THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T READ THIS. ALSO IF THIS MIGHT BE AGAINST THE LAW OF YOUR TOWN, CITY, VILLAGE, COMMUNITY, STATE, COUNTRY OR WHERE-EVER YOU MAY LIVE OR DWELL THEN YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. OTHER-WISE YOU MIGHT LIKE IT, IF YOU'RE UNDERAGE russian virgin teens YOU SHOULDN'T READ THIS STORY, NO MATTER WHAT. I RETAIN ALL THE RIGHT'S TO THIS virginia teen sandra STORY AND NO PART SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT OR POSTED ENY-WHERE OTHER THAN WHERE IT'S POSTED WITH MY PERMISSION. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME WITH virgins nudes galeries COMMENT'S... I WILL ANSWER ALL EMAIL'S ;-).......... OMEGASTARFLYAHOO.COM******************************************************************************* CHAPTER 7 BACK HOME******************************************************************************* After we left Richmond virginia public library the virgin fuck bridge and started home i was looking over to Rick, wondering if what we did at the bridge was a good thing for kids our age to be doing. What forbidden russian virgin pussy if the kids at school found out somehow, had virgin hymen pics seen uncensored virgin us at the bridge. We would have beautiful girls naked virgin been virgin sex photo free outed at school and then all hell would have cut loose asian little virgins i'm sure. Not counting how our parents might sexy virgin teens would take it that their two son's were fagots, innocent incest virgins girls queer's, OH MY GOD, GAY.............. We would probably get kicked virgin nude ls out of our home's, out onto the street, oh man, what would we do to survive, "sell our bodies" to have somewhere to sleep and food to eat. "What have we gotten free teen virgin sex ourselves into here," Maybe we shouldn't be doing this kind of youth wrestling virginia stuff..............are we really gay? "I think i am," When i look at guys all i can think about is how they would Gay anal virgin look **naked**, and know with the ones i've seen in the showers at school, bet they would kick my ass if they knew i looked at them in there all naked, many times i had to leave all of a sudden cause i was starting to get a boner, just graped a towel and left real quick to go change. "I'm going to talk with Rick about this after we get to his house," Or later if they end up going out for dinner. "Hey Rick," I shout over to him and he turns his head and says, whats up Jimmy!!! If your parents still want girlshymenvirgin to go out for dinner ask them if they would like to have CHINESE. There is this really great restaurant over on SCOTT ST. blonde ass virgin that i think you guys would really love, they serve clip of virgin sex some super fried rice and egg rolls and scrimp rolls and to die for wonton soup and eggdrop soup. "Wow," tiny naked virgins Sounds like a really nice place to go eat Jimmy, i'll sure ask them, i know i would love to yaung virgin porn go there, i just love chinese food, especially wonton soup and scrimp fried rice. Rick replies back to Jimmy as they continue riding their bikes towards Rick's house to cd music store virgin see if his Mom and Dad were american sexy virgin home yet and see if they still wanted to go eat, and wishing now that they wanted to virgin girl thumbs eat black teen virgins CHINESE. "What is the name of this virgin angel porn restaurant Jimmy?" Rick ask as he keeps up with Jimmy who is going faster than he was earlier. "It's called the "CHINESE PAGODA"," Its really decorated nice, chinese hanging shades, budda statues, plays chinese music, its really really nice to eat there Rick. We ride up to Ricks house and see that his dads car is in the driveway, so they must now be home. Rick tears into the house as if there is an emergency to find out where his parents are. We virgin sex cum latin come into the living room and see them sitting on the couch, his little sister playing on the floor in front, at their feet. "Hey Mom, Dad," Are you still wanting to maybe go out and eat dinner tonight? Rick more shouts than ask. "Yes, we were just talking russian virgin sex about where we might like to virgin nudes go," Do you have a suggestion Rick? His dad asks as he turns to look as his only son. "Yeah dad," Jimmy told me about virgin upskirt this Chinese Restaurant he knows about over on SCOTT ST. that is real nice to eat at. They have great food, especially fried rice and eggrolls that are really gooooooood. It's called the CHINESE PAGODA. Rick exclaimed to his dad. "Well then if you all want to go there," Sounds good to me, Ricks dad said to his wife and son. "Dad, can Jimmy cyber virgins biz come and eat dinner with us," He did tell me about the place, Rick said. "I don't see why not," As virgins boy tgp long as its ok with his parents Rick, his dad said. "Jimmy, lets naked virgin russian go and see if your parents are home from work," Man this is great if russian virgins pics you can go out to dinner with us, hey, maybe they virgin boys ru nude would let you spend the night, have a sleepover, it isn't a school night. "Wow, yes," This would be super Rick if my parents let me forum virgin pics go with you guys, and on top of that, sleepover also. Lets go, they should be about home by now, its after 5pm. They were home, i went inside, Rick right on my heels, and they were both in the kitchen, looked like they had just gotten home. "Dad,,,,,Mom,,,,,,,,this is my new friend Rick," Can i go with Teen virgin him and his parents and sister to the "CHINESE PAGODA" to eat dinner? hot virgins links Jimmy asks all excited. Oh, and also Rick wants to know if i could sleepover tonight, please Mom, please Dad. Jimmy says the virgin is looking in a pleading voice. "Hi there young man." Jimmy's dad says to Rick. "Just moved to our fair city?" "Hope that your family enjoys it here," We kind of like living tiny virgins illegal here in Ridgeton. What does your dad do Rick? "Yes, so far," With Jimmy's help im really liking it here so far. Rick says to virgin legal nudity free my dad. My dad is the new bank manager here in town Rick says. "Oh really," Thats nice, we sure needed another bank manager, other than the guy that was here. Dad says to Rick, with a smile. Hope virgin teen video to meet your virgin pics galleries parents soon sites fotos porn virgins Rick, dad says and my Mom shakes her head and says, "Does your Mom also work Rick?" "Yes, she is a teller at the bank," I'm sure they would also love to met virgin mpeg you. They said earlier today that they would love to met Jimmy's parents. Rick says to both my parents, smiling back at them. "Well, tell nubile virgin teens them we would love to meet them also," dads little virgin pics And maybe we could have a cookout or something tomorrow if they have no plans, dad says to Rick. "Yes dear," That is a great idea my Mom says to dad, where do you live Rick? "We live right behind hardcore virgin your place, next street back," Rick erotic stories of virgins says to my Mom and Dad. "Oh, thats nice," I wondered who that was moving in the other day, Mom says to us all. "Yes, you may go to dinner and sleepover with Rick," Long as his parents don't mind virgin erotic stories Jimmy, Dad says." Tell your virgin defloration teens parents we russian virgin nudes said hi russian video virgins and looking forward to meeting them, maybe tomorrow virgin preeteen nude if they would like to do that cookout thing. "Ok, i'll sure tell them as soon as we get back to the house," Rick says to dad. Nice virgin free teen meeting you both. "Same here Rick," Dad and Mom both say at the same time as we turn to head back over to Ricks house and to dinner. "Man, are we going to have fun tonight Jimmy." Rick free teen virgin pic virgin on free gallery says with real excitement virgins girlls in his voice. Your parents seem like really cool people Jimmy, Rick says. "Yes, i'm truly a very bleeding loss of virginity lucky person to have such nice parents Rick." Your parents also seem like really cool people. "Oh, they are that Jimmy," We are a couple little virgins free xxx very fortunate guys to have parents that can relate well with their kids and virgin russian small illegal virgins sex ru not treat us like stupid virgin russian cunt little kids. Rick says with agreement. "I haven't seem your room yet Rick." What does it look like? How big is your bed? Do you have a computer? virgin teen foto PS2? Stereo? "Hold on Jimmy" Rick laughs. My bed is a queen size, nude virgins top and yes to all of the others you mentioned. Oh, i forgot, its painted a dark purple. Rick says with interracial virgin movies a twinkle in his eyes. "Your kidding, right Rick." free lola virgins pics Jimmy smile back over to his boyfriend. Although it might set off your eyes you little cutie, as he hits virgin girls xxx Ricks shoulder in a kidding way. "Ouch," That hurt Rick says as he porno virgin teen rubs his shoulder, while smiling over to his new boyfriend of one day, least most of it. "You wussy" Jimmy kids back at Rick as they arrive back at his house and meet his parents coming out the door. "Thought you two had gotten lost or virginity sex pics something." Ricks Dad pink virgins nude says as we all come virgins darkcollections to a stop just in the doorway. "We weren't gone that long virgin porn russia Dad." Rick says with a little exasperation in his voice, altho he knew his Dad was kidding them. I told Jimmy's parents that you both wanted to meet anal virgin teen them virgins naked little soon and they said the same, wanted to know if you didn't youth nudist camps virginia have plans tomorrow, if you would like to have a cookout over at their house. "What do you think dear." Ricks Moms says, do you have plans for something tomorrow, if real virgin girls not it would be nice to meet Jimmy's parents and have a cookout. "I don't cyber virgins have a thing i need to do tomorrow." At the moment anyways, so i dont see why not, sounds like a great idea, virgins tiny goooood company, I'm sure, and goooooooood food, as virgins sex photos you know i love BBQ, Ricks Dad says to his wife. "Jimmy, tell your Mom that i will come over to see blessed virgin mary caritas her virgins pussy gratis in the morning." little virgins 4 "To see all what we need to bring." And see if she needs virgin girl fuck brother help with the preparations. "I will when i get home in the morning," russian tight virgin kingdom If i wake up early enough. Jimmy says with a smirt, knowing he never sleeps in that late, even on the weekends, to many things he wants to do for that wasted kind of time. "Well, here we yongest virgins are." You all hungry? I sure am, virgins nuds i could eat a dragon, Ricks Dad laughs as we get out of the car and head inside. "We need a table virgin porn hymen cp for five please." he tells the hostess at the front. "Is that smoking or non-smoking sir?" The hostess asks Ricks Dad as we stand there hungry. "Oh, most diffently non please." His Dad states to the hostess, who pulls menu's out of the holder next to her and starts to lead us into the dining area. nubile ten virgin thumbs This way please then sir. "Jimmy!!!" You were sure right about this place, it really looks nice, well decorated and love to hear chinese music in a chinese restaurant. little girls virgin photos Gives it an authentic feeling i feel. Rick says. "Yes, thats amature virgin voyeur porn one of the main virgin legal teens things i love about this place also." And virgin erotic wait till you all taste the food here. "WOW"..............its virgin ******** porn great also, as i said. Jimmy says to all who is listening. "You sure were skinny little virgins right, once again Jimmy" That food was superb, Ricks Mom says as they get up with stuffed stomachs and Ricks Dad pats his belly. "Well, lets head child virgins nude on home, wont to get to bed, got something to look forward to tomorrow, meeting Jimmy's parents and eating some delicious BBQ, did i just say eating more food, Ricks Dad laughs as he gets to the counter up front to pay the bill. "Wow, i'm just totally stuffed Jimmy," Great wonton they have, know i'm going to be coming back here to virgin sex nubiles eat. Rick says as they settle back in the car to head home for their first sleepover as friends, british virgin island culture and also as boyfriends.******************************************************************************* well that's it for this time. email me if you would. love getting those email's. keep them coming....;-).............. ~~~OMEGASTAR~~~ write me at:::
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